Iraq Again

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Javed Ali: Research Associate, Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute. Howard Tiesher: Served with the National Security Council from 1982 to 1987; as senior Director of Political-Military Affairs and as Director, Near East and South Asia. Co-author of Twin Pillars to Desert Storn: America's Flawed Vision in the Middle East from Nixon to Bush. Col. Daniel Smith: Director, Center for Defense Information. Retired Army Colonel. Ambassador Clovis Maksoud: Professor of international relations, American University. Director, The Center for the Global South. Former U.S and U.N. representative of the Arab League, resigned after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Yoav Ben-Horin: Senior Fellow, Wilstein Institute of Jewish Policy Studies. Former analyst for strategic affairs with RAND. Mike McFaul: Professor Political Science at Stanford, specializing in Russia; senior associate at the Carneige Endownment for international peace. Richard Dekmejian: Professor of Political Science, University of Southern California. Author of many books on the mid-east region, including Islam in Revolution and Patterns of Political Leadership. Matt Lait: Staff Reporter, Los Angeles Times. Covers the LAPD. Allen Hoffenblum: Republican Political Consultant Bob Mulholland: Political Consultant for the California Democratic Party.



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