Iraq, Immigration and California's Top Job

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Iraq's parliament finally met to do business today, for the first time since the December election. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is putting together a "unity government." But the country is still wracked with sectarian violence. Sunnis and Shiites are leaving mixed neighborhoods, creating the kind of geographical divisions that could lead to civil war. Should the country be divided--in order to save it? Warren Olney speaks with Ambassador Peter Galbraith, author of the forthcoming The End of Iraq, Laith Kubba, spokesman for Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who's just withdrawn as Iraq's Prime Minister-designate, and Kamil Mahdi, Professor of Middle-East Economics and Politics at the University of Exeter in England.
  • Making News: Gubernatorial Candidates Mum on Hot Topic of Immigration
    California is central to America's debate on illegal immigration. There are more undocumented workers here than in any other state, and California saw the biggest crowds in the nation on Monday's "day without immigrants." Political leaders of both parties have made their positions known, so why aren't those running for Governor talking about the elephant in the room? Carla Marinucci writes about politics for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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