Is Arnold Schwarzenegger -the Incredible Shrinking Man?-

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In less than two years, Arnold Schwarzenegger's public image has changed so much that one Sacramento columnist says he could become "an eccentric footnote," like Minnesota's Jesse Ventura. The Governor has offended some of the public employees that voters like best--cops, firefighters, teachers and nurses, and relations with the legislature are so bad he's called a special election, but according to recent polls, only one of his ballot measures has more support than opposition. His nonstop pursuit of campaign contributions has raised conflict-of-interest questions and revelations about his personal finances have been embarrassing. How did things get so bad? Does he still have a chance to reform what voters agree is the "broken" government of California? We ask the political pros.
  • Making News: Mayor Villaraigosa Goes to Sacramento
    When President Bush was in California yesterday and today, he did not meet with fellow Republican Schwarzenegger, but LA's Democratic Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, did get an audience in Sacramento. Harrison Sheppard covered the public part of the meeting for the Daily News.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor Schwarzenegger meets with Mayor Villaraigosa

Public School Teachers' Waiting Period for Permanent Status, Dismissal (Prop 74)

State Spending and School Funding Limits (Prop 76)

Redistricting (Prop 77)

Bradley's column on Assembly Speaker Nu-ez's efforts to talk sense into the Governor



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