Is Bilingual Education Back?

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In 1998, more than 60 percent of California voters approved Proposition 227, designed to replace bilingual education with English immersion. Now, Ron Unz, who wrote the measure is accusing Governor Davis- Board of Education of overturning it. Prop. 227 was designed to limit the use of bilingual education and replace it with English immersion. Ed Mendel, Sacramento bureau chief for the San Diego Union-Tribune, reports that a pending regulation would shift the burden of proof for securing a bilingual waiver from the parents to the school.
  • Newsmaker: Ministers Denounce Hahn -Hush Money- Leaders of three African-American churches have expressed discomfort at the receipt of 25,000-dollar grants from LA Mayor James Hahn. The unsolicited grants coincided with Hahn-s announcement that he would not support a second term for LAPD Chief Bernard Parks. Beth Barrett, of the Daily News, has more on the hush money story.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: LACMA Becomes One of the World's Top in Islamic Art
    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has scored a major coup with the acquisition of 775 new objects of Islamic Art. Said to be worth some 15 million dollars, the pieces have been collected over 40 years by Columbia University Professor Maan Madina. Linda Komaroff, LACMA-s curator of Islamic art, says the acquisition provides a -good counterbalance- to the events of September 11.

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