Is California Facing Another Energy Crisis?

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On Saturday, as expected, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed an energy bill authored by the Speaker of the Assembly, Democrat Fabian Nunez. That has set off debate that echoes that of the energy crisis of four years ago: regulation versus a free market, big versus small business, and utility rates that residential consumers can't afford. Critics maintain the Governor is moving back toward a de-regulated energy market that's good for big business but bad for small companies and residential consumers. Is it d--j-- vu all over again? Are there enough new power plants to avoid a return to rolling blackouts? Warren Olney speaks with energy policy experts, consumer advocates and a spokesman for the Governor.
  • Making News: California Performance Review Holds Final Public Hearing
    Although the California Performance Review is just completing the last of its public hearings today, Governor Schwarzenegger has already implemented some of its recommendations. That, despite reports that say a lot of them were written by and for the benefit of special interests. Jim Hinch broke the story of secret meetings by the Performance Review for the Orange County Register.

California Performance Review

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California Coastal Commission

California Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

Electrical restructuring; PUC procedures (AB 2006)

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Electrical corporations: procurement plans. (AB 57, 2002)



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