Is California Prepared for Disaster?

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Past forecasters predicted that the three most likely disasters in the United States would be a terror attack on New York City, a hurricane in New Orleans and an earthquake in California. Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein and Republican Congressman Richard Pombo say the collapse of levees on the Mississippi River is a "wake-up call for Californians." They've asked the Army Corps of Engineers to make repairs before it's too late. Even worse than levee breaks that flood Sacramento and endanger the water supply would be a major quake in LA or San Francisco. Will America's next catastrophe be closer to home? We hear what's at risk and whether we're prepared from geologists Jeffrey Mount of UC Davis and Lucy Jones of the US Geological Survey, and Richard Riordan, who was mayor of Los Angeles when it was hit by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.
  • Making News: California Legislature Approves Same Sex Marriage
    The California state legislature has become the first in the country to approve same-sex marriage. While gay rights leaders call it a civil rights victory comparable to ending slavery and giving women the right to vote, Governor Schwarzenegger's office seems to be saying "not so fast." Carla Marinucci, political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, says Schwarzenegger's decision could be crucial to his political future. (This segment originally aired early today on To the Point.)

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