Is Global Warming a Local Issue?

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When the Bush Administration rejected the Kyoto Protocol to deal with global warming on a worldwide basis, Governors and Mayors around the US said they'd crackdown on greenhouse gases. Governor Schwarzenegger, who acknowledges that "we see the threat, and the time for action is now," has made California part of a similar effort, following Governor Davis' lead in signing a law to cut auto emissions by 30% in the next ten years. Other states are adopting similar standards, and a coalition of northeastern states is capping emissions from power plants. On a smaller scale, Los Angeles and Santa Monica are among 195 cities that have pledged to reduce greenhouse gases. How can local jurisdictions make a dent in a problem that's worldwide? Can they still compete with places that don't even try? We hear from civic leaders, state lobbyists and skeptics.



Warren Olney


Frances Anderton