Is It Curtains for Movie Theaters?

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Is it "curtains" for neighborhood movie houses? Theater operators have gone into debt to build glitzy mega-plexes with plush stadium seating, digital sound, and gourmet concession stands. Supporters claim that mega-plexes benefit a fragmented audience, affording a combination of mainstream and specialty films. But in an age of cultural globalization, critics foresee shrinking choices. Will mega-plexes afford more supply for viewers' demand, or will they bring the decline of film culture? We ask those who make and distribute the movies.
  • Newsmaker: Business Riders of the (Electrical) Storm - Despite power alerts and rolling blackouts, California is surprising resistant to "electricity shock." Mitchell Benson, of the Wall Street Journal, says that a temperate climate and shifting work to off-peak hours have made the situation tolerable. What's more troubling is the unpredictability of blackouts.

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