Is It Time to Soak the Rich to Pay for Education?

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An improved economy is providing $6 billion this year in unexpected revenue, but Governor Schwarzenegger's budget is still short by $4 billion. Now, Assembly Democrats say it's time to raise taxes on high-income Californians, those earning more than $285,000 a year. That would raise almost $1.8 billion. Even though the new money would go to education, Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "No," at least for now. Republican Governors Pete Wilson and Ronald Reagan raised taxes, even after promising not to. Will Schwarzenegger do the same? We hear a debate among journalist who covers the Capitol, and Assemblymen from both sides of the aisle on the new proposal to soak the rich to raise money for education.
  • Making News: Councilman to Succeed Contreras
    LA City Councilman Martin Ludlow says he'll succeed the late Miguel Contreras as head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Contreras died suddenly of a heart attack exactly a month ago. Ludlow was chosen unanimously by an executive board representing more than 800,000 workers in 345 unions. Ludlow, discusses his decision to leave the Council and the challenge he faces leading local labor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Anne Bancroft, Best Known as Mrs. Robinson, Dead at 73
    "More happens in her face in 10 seconds than happens in most women's faces in 10 years." That's how Anne Bancroft was described by William Gibson, author of Two for the Seesaw and The Miracle Worker, plays in which Bancroft starred on Broadway. Anne Bancroft died Monday of cancer at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. She was 73. Kirk Honeycutt, chief film critic for The Hollywood Reporter, offers a remembrance.

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