Is LACMA Ready for the World Stage?

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If Director Michael Govan has his way, half the buildings at LA County's Museum of Art will be torn down and replaced by a single structure with curved glass walls topped by solar panels. The architect compares it to "an inkblot or a drop of water." Total cost: $650 million. The goal: to make Los Angeles an art center equal to Athens, Paris, Rome or New York. We ask Govan why he thinks he can succeed where others have failed. Also, many states prohibit some people from owning guns, but California's the only one that can track them down. Now it has $24 million in new money to do the job.

On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, in Mexico City today, Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto want to talk about trade and a booming economy.  But the murderous drug wars are still raging.  Will the public conversation be different from what happens behind closed doors?

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