Is the Housing Boom Finally Over?

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In California, much of the economy will improve, but the blistering hot housing market is about to cool down. Construction workers, realtors and mortgage brokers are in for hard times according to UCLA---s latest Anderson Forecast. It says a downward trend in the housing market is under way and the "only debate" is how hard the landing will be. What about home-owners who---ve refinanced their homes with adjustable loans?
  • Making News: Rob Reiner Resigns as First 5 Chair
    "We cannot let personal political attacks get in the way of doing the very best we can for California---s children." Those are the words of actor, director and political activist Rob Reiner in a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger. Reiner told the Governor he was resigning as head of the First 5 California Commission Reiner himself helped to create. Our guest, Dan Weintraub, writes the "California Insider" column for Sacramento Bee, on line at SACBEE/Insider.



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