Is There a Green Governor in California-s Future?

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The big story of this year-s campaign for Governor is that more than half the people who say they-re likely to vote tell pollsters they don-t like either the Democratic incumbent or his Republican challenger. In the latest polls, both Governor Gray Davis and his Republican rival, Bill Simon, are losing to -None of the Above.- One of the alternatives is a former Olympic sailor who was later expelled from UC Berkeley, then went on to run for President in 1976 as a Socialist. Now, a 60 year-old financier who founded his own money management firm, Peter Camejo is the Green Party-s candidate for Governor. Camejo expounds on energy, education, the budget and grassroots politics.
  • Newsmaker: Davis Puts Distance between Fundraising, Governing
    Last week, Governor Gray Davis cancelled a $ 50,000 fundraiser for advocates of high-speed rail. This week, he bowed out of a party for high-tech business people, who would have paid $ 10,000 apiece. Carla Marinucci, a political reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, says that as election day draws nearer, Davis is trying to put some distance between his re-election campaign and his political responsibilities.
  • Reporter's Notebook #1: Climate of Voter Disdain Sweeps State
    California voters have gone beyond boredom and disinterest in the political process, even beyond dislike. They-re alienated by negative political ads, empty soundbites, and a nagging distrust in government. Barbara O-Connor, a political communications professor at California State University Sacramento, reports on the growing -climate of disdain- among California-s voters and what it could mean for the Golden State.
  • Reporter's Notebook #2: Virginia Park Project Celebrates Tenth Year
    On Thursday, KCRW-s Harry Shearer will host An Evening of Serious Fun. The -fun- will come from cabaret performances by Kathy Bates, Amy Brenneman, LisaGay Hamilton and John Ritter, performing the works of young writers from the Virginia Avenue Project. Shearer says the -serious- part of the equation is that the fundraising event will provide funds for the community arts mentoring program for kids 6-18.

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