Israel Divided

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Muki Hadar: A veteran reporter for Israeli television news, he recently directed one of the 22 movies in the Tkuma documentary series for Israeli television. His episode, "The Opsimist" centers on the Arab-Israelis. Ido Aharoni: Consul for Communications for Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles Avi Shlaim: A "new historian," Professor of International Relations at Oxford University, a fellow of St. Anthony's College whose books include "Collusion Across the Jordan" and "War and Peace in the Middle East." Dr. Rashid Khalidi: Director of the Center for International Studies & Professor of Middle East History at University of Chicago The author of, among other works, "The Construction of Palestinian National Identity." Efraim Karsh: Director of the Mediterranean Studies Program at King's College, University of London and editor of "Israel Affairs," an international multidisciplinary journal. Among his works is the book "Fabricating Israeli History." Jonathan Jacoby: Executive Vice President Israel Leadership Forum, a nonprofit Jewish leadership group supporting the peace process. Ron Shinkman: Staff Reporter for Modern Healthcare Magazine. Daniel Lubetzky: Founder and President of The PeaceWorks Inc., a business corporation pursuing peace and profit. His business ventures include a Palestinian/Israeli gourmet spread line called "Moshe & Ali's Sprates" and an Azteca Trading Company between Texan manufacturers and indigenous cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico.

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