Israeli Prime Minister Sharon Meets with President

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Israeli Prime Minister met today with President Bush, but was unsuccessful in getting Bush to sever ties with Yasser Arafat. Instead, Bush talked about the "plight of the Palestinian people" and asked Sharon to relax restrictions. Aluf Benn, of Israel's daily newspaper Ha'aretz addresses Sharon's successes and failures with Bush and how the visit to Washington has dramatized differences between the Prime Minister and his own Defense Minister who is in Washington as well, but with a different agenda. Benn gives us a preview of what Israelis will be reading about the meeting tomorrow.
  • Newsmaker: Will LA Police Commission Back Parks or Hahn?
    Mayor James Hahn has explained his disappointment with LA Police Chief Bernard Parks, even though it's his appointed Police Commission that will make the final decision on a second term for Parks. Under the City Charter, the Commission is supposed to be independent of Hahn. Commissioner Silvia Saucedo is confident that Hahn's forceful statements will not sway the five-member civilian review board.

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