Joe Hicks: From Left to Right

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In the aftermath of the civil disturbance of 1992, Joe Hicks served as executive director of Mayor Richard Riordan's Human Relations Commission. Before that, he worked for a labor union, Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the ACLU. Now the self-proclaimed "radical black separatist" has become the new executive director of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. The Center is run by David Horowitz, a George W. Bush fundraiser and in-your-face confrontational conservative who's raised hackles on college campuses by challenging anti-war demonstrators as virtual traitors. Hicks leads us down the road of his political evolution.
  • Newsmaker: LAPD Officers Suspected of Perez-Like Crime - Just as the Rampart investigation appears to be winding down, there are new criminal accusations against two officers of the LAPD. Today's Los Angeles Times names Officers Ruben Palomares and William Fergusen as targets of an investigation by federal and local authorities. Scott Glover co-wrote the story.
  • Reporter's Notebook: State Treasurer Say It's Time to Borrow Big Money - The state water project, highway system and university campuses were envisioned and built by Governors Earl Warren and Pat Brown more than 40 years ago. But now the days of surplus public money are over. Despite the current recession, State Treasurer Phi Angelides thinks it's a good time for California to borrow money and raise taxes to pay it back.


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