John Kerry, the 'Extreme Makeover,' and the Black Vote

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In Boston, all four days of the Democratic Convention are being devoted to demonstrating that John Kerry is a better, stronger leader than President Bush. Republicans are calling the process "extreme makeover," covering up a Senate voting record they call out of the mainstream. In these highlights from today's To the Point, Warren Olney hears from the GOP's counter-convention "war room" and gets the Democrats' response. Also, with an eye toward tonight's keynoter, State Senator Barack Obama, a look at the Democrat's need to turn out the black vote as never before.
  • Reporter's Notebook:'Un-News' from the Convention
    As protestors in the street find their only audience is law enforcement, Satirist Harry Shearer takes on events inside and outside of the Fleet Center. He also shares his thoughts on Teresa Heinz Kerry--one of tonight's Convention speakers, and the difference in experiencing the made-for-television convention inside the tent and on TV.

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