Judicial Activism

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Lino Graglia: The A. Dalton Cross Professor of Law at University of Texas., specializing in constitutional and anti-trust law. Author of Disaster by Decree: The Supreme Court Decision of Race and the Schools. Herman Schwartz: Professor of constitutional law at American University and author of "Packing the Courts: The Conservatives' Campaign, to Rewrite the Constitution." Alex Acosta: Director, Project on the Judiciary, Ethics and Public Policy Center. Bruce Fein: Private attorney specializing in constitutional, Congressional relations, and international law. Served as Associate Deputy Attorney General during the Regan administration and in various capacities in the Justice department from 1973 through 1982. Mark Pulliam: Attorney in private practice in San Diego. Writes a column for the San Diego Daily Transcript and the California Political Review. Op-ed contributor to the Wall Street Journal and the San Diego Union Tribune. Ephraim Margolin: San Francisco based criminal defense lawyer; past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers. Professor of Criminal Law at Boalt Hall and at Santa Clara School of Law. Member of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers. Julie Su: Staff Attorney, Asian Pacific American Legal Center. Richard Hailey: President, Association of Trial Lawyers of America



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