Kid Killers

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MICHAEL GENELIN: Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles. DAVID KENNEDY: Senior Researcher at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He's also the Director of the Boston Gun Project, specializing in the excess of youth violence and juvenile use of guns. DR. DONALD LYNAM: Psychologist at University of Kentucky's Department of Psychology, his research has studied youth psychopathy and he is a member of the National Consortium on Violence Research. DR. LEONARD ERON: Research scientist at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, and Professor of Psychology at University of Michigan. JON VELLECO: Spokesman for "Gun Owners of America," known as the most uncompromising gun lobby, a 150,000 member grassroots organization. JENNIFER MCKENNA: Co-founder and board member of the California Women's Law Center; a sociologist who's area of expertise is domestic violence and sexual harassment. EISHA MASON: LA Project Director for A Season for Nonviolence, an educational, media and community-action campaign. JOHNNY ROBERTS: Founder Director of "Save the Rhino International."




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