L.A. River and the city's urban environment

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On Thursday, September 14, from 12:30 to 2 pm, the five announced candidates for mayor of Los Angeles will debate the critical issues regarding the Los Angeles River and L.A.'s urban environment on a special live-on-location remote broadcast of "Which Way, L.A.?". The event, dubbed "Which Way for the L.A. River & L.A.'s Urban Environment," will be held in Keck Theater at Occidental College in northeast Los Angeles (1600 Campus Road, L.A. 90041, in the community of Eagle Rock).
The debate will give the candidates the opportunity to express their views on issues that are pivotal to the future livability of Los Angeles. It is a significant event in a race that is also noteworthy as L.A.'s first "term limits" election for mayor.
The program is free and open to the public, but reservations are necessary. For reservations and further information, call (323) 259-2566; email lariver@oxy.edu; or visit: www.lariver.oxy.edu.



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