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The Bush Administration says newly uncovered evidence does not cast doubt on McVeigh-s guilt or confession-but it could cast doubt on the entire system of justice. McVeigh was scheduled to die next Wednesday, but now, his lawyers will have 30 days to decide what to do. We hear the reaction of the husband of one of 168 victims.
  • Newsmaker: CAMPAIGN SPENDING IN THE MAYORAL RACE -- Today-s Daily News reports that, in last month-s primary for Mayor of LA, James Hahn and Antonio Villaraigosa have raise millions of dollars. All this in a city which reputedly has the toughest election finance laws in the country. We talk with City Councilman and former Mayoral candidate Joel Wachs.
  • Reporter's Notebook: "Bag snagger" debuts at 12th Annual Great Los Angeles River Cleanup -- Some 200 people were hard at work today on the banks of the Los Angeles River. They-re part of the growing effort to restore and enhance the waterway that-s responsible for LA-s original location. Today, they had a new recruit: Ian "Sandy" Frazier, writer of books and essays, and inventor of the "bag snagger."

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