LA City Council Weighs in on War with Iraq

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Almost 60 cities and counties around the US have formally opposed military action against Iraq. Many are liberal enclaves, like Berkeley, Madison and Santa Fe. Yet even conservative centers like Des Moines, Iowa and Blaine County, Idaho have passed such measures. Chicago is still the largest American city to ask President Bush to slow down his confrontation with Iraq. Today, despite a contingent of anti-war protesters, the LA City Council decided not to go along. Should local governments advise Washington on foreign policy? We hear more about the pros and cons of local involvement in matters of war and peace from Council members Eric Garcetti, who sponsored the anti-Iraq war resolution, and Jack Weiss, who voted with the majority.
  • Making News: Davis Recall Election on Heels of State Election
    California-s Republican Party lost all statewide offices last November, including the Governorship, which stayed with Democrat Gray Davis. At this weekend-s convention in Sacramento, GOP delegates are expected to endorse a recall effort against the man re-elected just three months ago. Linda Gledhill is following the story from Sacramento for the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: LA Photographer Wins World Press Photo of the Year
    Nearly 4,000 photographers submitted almost 54,000 images to be World Press Photograph of the year. The winner is a black and white shot of a young boy, crouched by an open grave in northwest Iran, holding on to the pants of his father, who-s about to be buried. The photographer, and winner of World Press Photo for 2002, is Eric Grigorian of Los Angeles.

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