La Conchita Landslide Aftermath

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After finding 10 bodies in the mudslide at La Conchita, officials think they've accounted for all the missing. Further searches have been discontinued after geologists found that the hill has moved another six feet. Fifteen houses already have been destroyed and 21 more have been damaged. Governor Schwarzenegger visited the site yesterday, saying of those whose homes were destroyed, -They-ll be back.- But the cost of fixing the hill could be $45 million and the slope is still moving. Meantime, residents are accusing Ventura County of not doing enough to protect them, even though every home has been posted with danger signs for the past ten years. Will clean-up lead to rebuilding? We hear from a reporter who's been covering the slide, an expert in Southern California geology and the Ventura County Supervisor who represents La Conchita.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Ground-breaking at Taylor Yards
    Ground was broken today for what-s called the -lynchpin- of a Los Angeles River parkway, a plan that would transform miles of drainage canals back into a living river. It-s the old railroad property on the east side of the river called Taylor Yard. California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman says the 58-acre site will include recreational facilities, playfields and wetlands, and be a crucial step in the "re-greening" of Los Angeles.

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