LA Congressmen Fight over Redistricting

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The legislature's Democratic majority is reapportioning electoral districts as required every decade by the Constitution, and while Democrats have the votes to run the show, the battle has turned bitter and angry. With Congressman Brad Sherman, who represents the western San Fernando Valley, accusing colleague Howard Berman, whose district is just to the east, of "stealing" the core of his constituency, even Latinos are unhappy. We look at geography, ethnicity and political incumbency, with the man who edits the book on Congressional districts and a Latino voter advocate.
  • Newsmaker: Tight Race for LA City Council's 4th District - John Ferraro served the Los Angeles City Council for 35 years before his death in April. In a special election tomorrow, ten candidates square off to replace him. The LA Times' Tim Rutten, who used to live in that district, focuses on three leading candidates who have spent enough to make the campaign the second most costly in city history.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA Progressive Supports Edison's Bailout - The governor is anxious to sign it before the end of the legislative session on Friday, and consumer advocates have threatened a voter repeal initiative. LA Democratic Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg defends her support Edison bailout legislation as the first step toward re-regulation of the energy industry and renewed protection for consumers.

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