LA County Health System Considers More Cuts

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Last year, after more than two-thirds of voters agreed to increase the property tax to pay for trauma centers, LA County supervisors thought they had their healthcare problems under control. Last week, calling the cuts too painful, a federal judge ruled that Rancho Los Amigos Hospital had to stay open. Today, she ruled that County-USC Medical Center cannot be reduced by 100 beds. So, County Supervisors say they-ll ask private hospitals to share the pain by refusing to accept the transfer of patients without insurance. Private hospitals say they-ll be the victims, along with patients whose health insurance is paid up. We hear from Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and Jim Lott of the Hospital Association of Southern California, a trade organization that represents private and public hospitals in the region.
  • Making News: Mexico's President Fox Rejects US Oil Deal
    Last week, a Congressional committee demanded that in exchange for an immigration agreement, Mexico open state-owned oil company Pemex to American investors. Mexicans are furious and President Vicente Fox has called the request -unacceptable.- Daniel Lund, a market researcher and public opinion pollster in Mexico City, calls the hot-button issue a legacy no one is willing to give up.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Martin Ludlow, Candidate for LA's 10th City Council District
    Two candidates face off in next week-s runoff to replace termed-out LA City Councilman Nate Holden in the 10th District. Deron Williams, Holden-s chief-of-staff, has been troubled by reports of his 1998 jail term for cocaine possession. Williams says he-s turned his life around but declined being on our program. Martin Ludlow, who has close ties to recently elected Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa and to organized labor, joins us.


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