LA County Prepares for an Onslaught of State Parolees

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To release overcrowding in state prisons, some 15,000 inmates and parolees are on their way to Los Angeles County starting this Saturday. Governor Brown calls it "realignment." They won't come all at once, but there's been little time for the Sheriff and the Probation Department to prepare. We hear about the possible impact on local facilities and county finances. Also, Sheriff Lee Baca on conditions in county jails. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, is time running out on the Eurozone?

Banner image: A California Department of Corrections officer speaks to inmates at Chino State Prison. Inmates and parolees are being released to local jails to ease overcrowding in state prisons, as ordered by federal courts. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images



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