LA Education Reform

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President Bush's bipartisan education reform will require states to prove to Washington that federal money's not wasted. The Los Angeles Unified School District is already moving in that direction. Last year, the State identified 10 especially troubled schools. Last week, Superintendent Roy Romer announced that he would replace four principals and require classroom teachers to sign contracts committing them to achieve higher standards. Romer elaborates on his plans for making public education accountable by upgrading staff training and development, and building some 85 new schools to eliminate overcrowding.
  • Newsmaker: Sheriff to Help the LAPD Protect and Serve?
    The LA County Sheriff is under contract to provide protection to some 41 cities that don't have police departments of their own. LA City Councilman Dennis Zine has proposed that the City of Los Angeles also take advantage of the Sheriff's manpower. We speak with him about proposal for alleviating inadequate staffing at the LAPD and get a response from LAPD spokesman Horace Frank.

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