LA Labor Resurgence

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Union membership is on the decline nationwide, but LA labor is flexing its muscle with expanded membership, improved organizing, and development of a county labor federation. Even the once anti-immigrant AFL-CIO now actively supports amnesty for the undocumented workers they recruit. Why the dichotomy? How will President Bush deal with this new labor market? We hear from a representative of the LA County Federation of Labor, a former member of the Bush California campaign steering committee, and the director of labor education research at Cornell University. (Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts this special half-hour edition of WWLA.)
  • Newsmaker: Future of the SAT in UC Schools - UCLA, which receives more applications than any other university in the US, is considering doing away with the Scholastic Aptitude Test as an indicator of college eligibility. Chancellor Albert Carnesale says UCLA will rely on grade point average, achievement in specific course work, and a variety of non-academic factors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Poverty and Homelessness in LA - In the next year, 100,000 people in the LA area face losing their government assistance, and thousands more will struggle below the poverty line. Jay Levin, of the Community Media Project, will bring together the haves and have-nots with a "Share the Prosperity" campaign that launches on Sunday February 25 at University Synagogue in Brentwood.

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