LA, Lax on Tax?

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Tax day is upon us, and the Internal Revenue Service must process 15 million more returns than a decade ago despite a precipitous drop in staff. Many taxpayers are quaking in their boots. Yet many with the financial and legal resources to tie up the system, laugh at IRS expectation that citizens will voluntarily pay their fair share. Where do Angelinos fit it? We look at the tax cheats, the tax-sheltered, and the dot-commers who last year won big on paper but lost their shirts, with Bill Allison, co-author of The Cheating of America, and Liz Pulliam Weston, personal finance writer for the Los Angeles Times. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Regional Association Bullish on El Toro Airport Plan - The Southern California Association of Governments today approved a long-range plan limiting growth at Los Angeles International Airport and promoting expansion of regional airports. Mark Pisano, executive director of SCAG, says the decision fairly distributes economic and community development among several Southern California regions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Comedy of 'Catechismic' Proportions - Maripat Donovan, co-writer and star of the long running, one-woman play, Late Night Catechism, has her audience roaring with memories of her Catholic upbringing. She recalls for us the smell of candles and incense, feeding a baloney sandwich to the priest's dog on a no-meat Friday, and how the Church squares geometry and the Holy Trinity.

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