LA Poor Hit Hard by Ripple Effects of September 11

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In the so-called hunger capital of the US, an ongoing economic slump, huge debts from this summer's energy purchases, and the events of September 11 have left an enormous crater for those with the greatest need. A proposed 15 percent cutback in the state budget will further exacerbate the situation for those seeking social services. Must pressing security needs decimate assistance for the homeless, hungry and sick? We talk about the need for emergency programs and strategic planning with an LA city councilman, state assemblyman, and the head of a poverty-relief consortium. (Managing editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: New Anthrax Case Reported at NBC in New York - The postal service has issued an alert after a cutaneous case of anthrax, which may have been mailed to a NBC News employee, was discovered in New York City. David Peguis, of UCLA's School of Public Health, evaluates the severity of recent attacks and commends public health officials for their quick, calming response.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Music Industry Tries to Regain Balance - A month after terrorists stuck New York's World Trade Center, thousands of bands are playing hundreds of clubs. KCRW Music Director Nic Harcourt, who's in Manhattan for the College Music Journal Awards, talks about the mood on the street and in the music industry.

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