LAPD Consent Decree

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The last best hope for reforming LAPD, a consent decree with the federal justice department, maybe "D.O.A.". Negotiations drag on as some charge Mayor Riordan with deliberate delay in case fellow Republican George Bush wins the presidency and backs away from a confrontation. As the city's negotiating team missed another deadline, the Police Protective League demands a bigger role. We'll hear from some of the major players -- including LA City Council members Cindy Miscikowski, and Mark Ridley-Thomas whose district includes parts of Central and South Central LA, Civil rights attorney Connie Rice, the president of the LA Police Protective League -- about what's holding things up, and what may happen if a deal's not cut before next week's election.
  • Newsmaker: The LAPD is embroiled in another shooting controversy. Anthony Lee was killed Saturday at a Benedict Canyon costume party. Los Angeles Times reporter Josh Meyer talks with us about the officer who, responding to a neighbor's complaint, allegedly shot into a crowded room, and asks whether Lee even saw the police.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Once, 30 synagogues served the 75,000 Jews of Boyle Heights, many of whom were East European immigrants. Now, the last remaining temple is being preserved with the help of now dominant Latino majority. Ken Bernstein, of the Los Angeles Conservancy, celebrates the inter-ethnic cooperation that spurred the impulse for historic preservation.



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