LAPD Reform and DOJ Terms

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The federal Justice Department says the LAPD's own published report on the Rampart scandal contains all the evidence needed to prove a "pattern or practice" of civil rights violations. It threatens to sue if the city won't sign a "consent decree" mandating certain reforms and giving a judge the power to decide if they're being instituted according to plan. Nine City Council members agree. But Mayor Riordan and four other council members say the reforms go too far-and they claim the consent decree would give up too much of the city's governing power. The Mayor needs one more vote to sustain a veto-so the battle is on, with the deadline just two weeks away.
  • Newsmaker: Julian Burke, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Chief Executive Officer, says he's ready to tell the MTA board to prepare for a strike. Bus drivers are adamantly against new work rules proposed by the MTA, and neither side seems ready to budge. We talk with LA Times reporter Doug Shuit.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Three hundred feet below the surface of the Black Sea, An American archeologist has found the remains of a building 7500 years old. We talk with Jonathan Kirsch, a best selling interpreter of the Bible.



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