LA's 13th Council Race: Garcetti v. Woo

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LA's 13th Council District, which comprises the most diverse population anywhere in the city, includes Hollywood, Silver Lake, Atwater Village and Echo Park. Mike Woo, who held the seat in the 80's and 90's, left to make an unsuccessful run for mayor. Eric Garcetti, 30-year-old son of former District Attorney Gil Garcetti, is political newcomer, and a Rhodes scholar. Both are college professors. In the primary, Woo and Garcetti finished in a virtual dead heat ahead of 6 others. They talk about their endorsements, qualifications and political vision for the district.
  • Newsmaker: Becerra Mayoral Campaign Smear - The district attorney has revealed that the "dirty trick" played on Antonio Villaraigosa in LA's mayoral primary was the work of paid staff members of a competitor. Tonight, Congressman Xavier Becerra, who says the report speaks for itself, explains what he knew and when he knew it.

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