LA's Newest 'Rock Star'

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The artwork called "Levitated Mass" won't be levitated until it reaches the LA County Museum of Art, but it's attracting a lot of attention on its 105-mile trip from a quarry near Riverside. It's a granite boulder so big it requires a transporter the size of a football field, and it's traveling at night through four counties and 22 cities at a speed of about five miles an hour. Is it really art, a waste of money or a desecration of nature? We hear how it will be displayed at the end of its journey, where it is now and how people have been reacting as it appears in their neighborhoods.  On our rebroadcast of To the Point, a preview of ten primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday.

Banner image: Standing at the Stone Valley Quarry near Riverside, LACMA Director Michael Govan is dwarfed by the rock that will become "Levitated Mass."



Warren Olney