LA's Trauma Centers in Trauma

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LA County officials claim they can close the King-Drew trauma center without causing a major crisis because of unused capacity in the rest of the system. Still, the probable closing has created concern and confusion about the continued availability of medical care in the county. Even more disquieting is the closing of emergency rooms, and there is a likelihood that another major hospital will close down in the next few days. That will force 27,000 patients a year to other emergency rooms, and put an enormous strain on the system, with 25 to 35 percent of ER's already closed to ambulances because they're too crowded. Warren Olney discusses the difference with healthcare reporters and ER physicians, and hears from a business advocate how Proposition 67 could help stave off a crisis in emergency medical care.
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King-Drew Medical Center

Proposition 67 (Emergency Medical Services; Telephone Surcharge)

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