LA's Waste in Somebody Else's Backyard

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Since 1994, when Los Angeles residents flush their toilets, the waste ends up over the Grapevine in Kern County, where one voter asked the Daily News, "Why would anybody want crap to come to their town? If they don't want it, why would we?" In more elegant form, those questions are on an upcoming Kern County ballot. LA City officials are trying to decide if they should campaign against the June ballot measure which will redirect 750 tons a day of treated sewage from the Green Acres Farm south of Bakersfield. LA calls it "responsible management of biosolids." Kern County farmers call it sludge dumping. We hear more about the Kern County ballot measure that could be very expensive for LA.
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    Long Beach and Los Angeles are not involved in the flap over American port terminals to be operated by a company from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. But local port terminals are managed by foreign companies. Professor James Fawcett is Director of Marine Science and Policy Outreach at USC's Sea Grant Program.

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