LAUSD's New Headquarters, A White Elephant?

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With the LA Unified School District's current headquarters about to become a school, the School Board voted 6-to-1 to buy a new downtown headquarters with 928,000 square feet of office space. The dissenting member warns that the 29-story building is too big, too expensive and located in the wrong place. We'll hear why board member David Tokovsky warns of another "Belmont" fiasco, and what the new board President, Caprice Young, says in reply. We'll also get their response to State Controller Kathleen Connell's claim on 120 million dollars for inflated attendance reports.
  • Newsmaker: Energy Crisis and Conflict of Interest - Governor Davis has voiced confidence in Steve Maviglio, even though the press secretary bought the same energy stock as 5 consultants fired earlier this week who face federal investigation for possible conflicts of interest. Bob Stern, former general council to the Fair Political Practices Commission, offers a broader look at the controversy.


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