Left Coast Left Out: Has California Become Irrelevant?

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Britain-s Economist magazine says that, since September 11, California has taken a -holiday from history,- especially when compared to New York. On the -Left Coast,- terrorism is just a TV show, and homeland security is no big deal. It argues that the state that used to pride itself on inventing the future is stuck in a pre-September 11 mind-set with politics that date back to the 1960-s. Even State Librarian Kevin Starr agrees that the Golden State has lost its gleam. We hear from Starr, and his counterparts, Sacramento Bee columnist Peter Schrag and David Hahly of UCLA's Neiman Center for the Study of American Society and Culture, who contend that the future is still being invented here, and that Los Angeles and New York City have more similarities than differences.
  • Making News: LA County Budget Plan Proposes $467 Million in Cutbacks
    LA County is facing big cuts in health care, libraries, street maintenance and life guards, with some of the biggest reductions in public safety, as the Sheriff-s Department may take a hit of $75 million. That-s according to the chief administrative officer, whose tentative budget must be approved by the five county supervisors, including Zev Yaroslavsky.

Chief Administrative Officer-s proposed budget

Measure B (special tax levy to fund LA County healthcare)

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