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Last week-s Republican midterm election wave in the rest of the nation did not raise a ripple in California, where Democrats came out stronger than ever. Election officials are still counting absentee ballots in the race for State Controller, but Democrats took all the other statewide offices, even with an incumbent Governor who popularity has been compared to -a strain of bacteria.- What-s happened to the state where Ronald Reagan began the conservative revolution? Do Republicans still have a chance? We hear rather divergent views about the most liberal state in the Nation from Harold Meyerson, editor-at-large of the liberal, American Prospect magazine, and Lance Izumi, a senior fellow of California studies at Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy in San Francisco.
  • Newsmaker: Studios Launch Movielink Online Film Service This is the first day of Movielink, which 5 major studios hope will protect them from Internet piracy. For a fee, movie fans can now enjoy movies on-demand by downloading popular Hollywood films onto their computers. David Bloom, who covers technology for Daily Variety, is following Hollywood-s campaign against the Napster-type piracy problem.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Veterans- Cemeteries Quickly Filling with WWII Soldiers
    American veterans are dying at the rate of more than 1500 a day, so fast they-ve created space problems at 120 national cemeteries around the country. The National Cemetery in Riverside alone buried or inurned almost 8000 people last year, at an average of one every 15 minutes, 5 days a week. Still, says Mike Anton of the LA Times, Riverside still has room for more to come.


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