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Traffic from downtown Los Angeles to the Westside is some of the most congested in the US. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority owns miles of uninterrupted right-of-way, from downtown LA to the Santa Monica Beach, which is no longer devoted to subway use. Over the next few days, elected officials will decide the hotly debated issue of whether right-of-way will best be served by buses or a new light rail. Meanwhile, we examine routes, revenues and ridership with an MTA project manager studying the disputed corridor, and advocates for light-rail and bus service.
  • Newsmaker: Governor Releases Long-Term Energy Contracts - Despite wanting to keep them private, today Gray Davis released more than 600 pages of contracts between the state of California and eighteen suppliers of electrical power. Are we, as the governor says, trading cost for stability? We ask Daniel Taub, staff reporter for Bloomberg Business California.


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