Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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An escaped tiger frightened a Moorpark neighborhood last week before it was killed by animal control officers, an incident that alarmed both neighborhood parents and animal lovers. Two people have been arrested in that escape. In Colton two years ago, ten tigers were seized, and the following year, 90 dead tigers were found in the same place. The Fund for Animals says there are 10,000 tigers privately owned in the US, twice as many as live in Asia. We hear more about why they're here, how they're regulated and what's being done to protect the animals and the people around them from Mike Wintemute, Director of Communications for the state Fish and Game Department, and Hollywood animal trainer Pat Derby, co-founder of the Performing Animal Welfare Society.
  • Making News: State to Join Ballot Probe over LA's Mayoral Primary
    The California Secretary of State's office will investigate Los Angeles City Clerk Frank Martinez and changes he made before and during the vote count in last week's mayoral election. Martinez was appointed last year by Mayor Jim Hahn, but nobody is suggesting there was any effort to manipulate the results. Bob Stern, president of the Center for Governmental Studies, details the issues being scrutinized.

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