Lives at Risk at County-USC Medical Center

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Los Angeles County's health system must stretch diminishing resources to serve a growing caseload of poor and uninsured people. Today, as the Los Angeles Times documented a shocking case of medical failure at one county facility, the Board of Supervisors eliminated 400 jobs. The acute shortage of staff is certain to shortchange patients and caregivers alike. We examine the challenge of providing medical care to the county's neediest patients with the medical director of County-USC Hospital and a spokeswoman for the union representing its interns and residents.
  • Newsmaker: Los Angeles City Council and Playa Vista - Even without Dreamworks, the Westside's Playa Vista development will be the size of a small city. Opponents' hope for turning the massive open space into a park have been dashed with LA City Council's approval of 135-million dollars in tax exempt bonds for the project. Marc Haefele, of the LA Weekly, has more.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Orange County Swimming Pools - Orange County has 130,000 swimming pools, and last year, four or five kids died from drowning. This year's death toll has reached eight, and the Grand Jury wants to do something about it. Grand juror David Armstrong outlines the history of the county's pool protection laws, including some new measures to prevent future tragedies.

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