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LeeAnn Pelham: Deputy Director, LA City Ethics commission. Jim Sutton: San Francisco based lawyer who represents a coalition of lobbyists who work at LA's city hall. Gerald Silver: President, Encino Homeowners Association. Mike Feuer: City Council Member representing the 5th district. Recently introduced motion to ban lobbyists from contributing to political campaigns. Steve Afriat: Political consultant: president and founder, Afriat Consulting Group. President, City Animal Regulators Commission. Xandra Kayden: President, League of Women Voters. Served as director of the committee which drafted the city's ethics code in 1989. Professor of urban politics, UCLA Jill Stewart: Columnist, LA New Times Newspaper Matt Lait: Staff Reporter for the LA Times, covering the Los Angeles Police Department. Alan Bock: Senior Editorial Writer, Orange County Register.

topic: Merging at the LAPD



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