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Funds for this year's candidates will certainly set a record for campaign spending. By primary day, 17 million dollars had been spent in the race for LA's mayor, a figure that will surely climb since a June runoff election is likely. Those figures make a real run for office but impossible for an average Joe or Jane. We talk about the role of big money in the 2001 LA election, the funding behind pervasive TV and radio adds, and the role of so-called "soft money" with ethicists and political consultants. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: MWD Deal for Aquifer Water - The key to Southern California's future water needs may be in one of the driest places on earth thanks to a deal approved today with Southern California-based agricultural developer Cadiz. Bob Gottlieb, a former board member of the Metropolitan Water District, talks about the deal that turns water into a commodity on the open market.

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