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Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger cut the so-called -car tax,- just as he promised. Now, it-s time for the rubber to meet the road on the broader issue of state finance because the Governor also promised not to raise taxes. Tomorrow, he-ll deliver his first speech on the State of the State, and he-s expected to signal what-s in store for Friday, when the devilish details of his proposed budget will be revealed. We get a taste of the $14 billion debate that is bound to follow from two Sacramento advocates with a lot at stake, and get some historical perspective from State Librarian Kevin Starr.
  • Making News: LAX Airport Security Update
    At Los Angeles International Airport, there were mixed messages today about airline security. The holiday ban on curbside drop-offs was cancelled at the same time the Department of Homeland Security unveiled its new plan for fingerprinting and photographing foreign visitors. Greg Krikorian, who covers federal law enforcement and terrorism for the LA Times, reports on the tightened security measures.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Another Red Letter Day on the Planet Mars
    After a series of disappointments, NASA-s latest expedition to Mars is beginning in textbook fashion. The robot called Spirit got its direct Mars-to-Earth antenna up and running today. That was more good news for Dr. Dan McCleese at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. McCleese says scientists are eager to begin studying the data and high-definition images that should be begin arriving tonight from the Red Planet. (This segment was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)

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