Los Angeles, Get Ready for Spies in the Sky

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Unmanned, remote-controlled drones have become a feature of surveillance for American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the LA Sheriff's Department is experimenting with that technology, a four and a half-pound, unmanned, remote-controlled drone about the size of a model aircraft. While many neighborhoods are familiar with roaring helicopters circling over homes and businesses--a deafening disruption of daily life, these new drones will be many times cheaper--and so quiet you won't know they're there. What will they be used for? Will urban privacy become a thing of the past? We talk with the head of the Technology Exploration Project at the LA Sheriff's Department, civil rights and privacy advocates, and an expert in Constitutional law.
  • Making News: Public Meeting for Downtown Civic Park
    From the Music Center all the way down the hill to City Hall, the Grand Avenue Plan calls for a Civic Park in downtown LA. Tomorrow night, planners will hold the first of three meetings to find out how the public wants that space to be used. Brenda Levin is architect of many Los Angeles projects, including restoration of Griffith Observatory. She's part of the core design team for the downtown Civic Park.

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