Los Angeles Grows Up

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Los Angeles is historically horizontal, but it's becoming increasingly vertical with a host of new projects going up from downtown to Santa Monica. So-called “smart growth" dictates that high-rise workspace and housing -are the only ways to accommodate increased growth within defined city limits. A sampling of our listeners shows that most want the towers to stay downtown or, maybe, in Century City, because this is a land of great views and open spaces. The last thing they think we need is “Manhattanization."  We hear from them and from experts with different opinions about urbanization and the end of sprawl.    

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, was a terrorist threat really bad enough to justify the FBI's massive seizure of phone records from the Associated Press? Did the IRS target right-wing groups for partisan reasons or because they were more likely than liberal groups to be looking for tax exemptions? We look at accusations that the Obama Administration has abused its powers.


Banner image: View of Los Angeles' downtown skyline, including the planned Wilshire Grand tower (3rd L). Courtesy AC Martin