Los Angeles Security, One Year after September 11

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Last July, two people were shot to death at the El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport. While the investigation showed that the gunman was acting alone and was not a terrorist, the incident revealed much about the vulnerability of LAX, eight months after September 11. Today, while announcing a series of precautionary arrangements in anticipation of Wednesday-s first anniversary of the worst terror attacks in US history, LA Mayor Jim Hahn proclaimed that the city is safer now than it was a year ago. We speak with Jack Weiss, the City Council-s point man on terrorism, and UCLA-s Amy Zegart, an expert on national security, about the allocation of human, financial and tactical security resources in Los Angeles since September 11.
  • Newsmaker: 2001 Hate Crimes Hit Historical High in LA County
    LA County-s Commission on Human Relations released some grim statistics today. Hate crimes in the year 2001 increased 11 percent from the year before. Of that grim total, 20 percent were related to September 11. Robin Toma, Executive Director of the Commission, says that the majority of violence was directed against Middle Easterners and Muslims.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Marlene Marks, Woman-s Voice in Jewish Community, Dies
    Marlene Adler Marks, columnist for the Jewish Journal, died last week of lung cancer at the age of 54. For the past two weeks, she surrounded herself with friends. Since her death, she-s been mourned by politicians, rabbis and others who-ve praised her powerful writing and her vastness of spirit. Rob Eshmnan, Editor-in-Chief of the Jewish Journal, remembers Marks- illuminating gift for filtering daily life through Jewish values.

    The media lost another strong voice last week with the death of 24-year KCBS news veteran Larry Greene, who was killed in a helicopter crash in the Persian Gulf. A brilliant and hardworking news reporter who brought stories to life with his camera, Green had an infectious sense of fun. Larry Greene was 50, and left a wife and two sons.

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