Magic Johnson-Dodgers Deal Hailed by Fans

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It took baseball savvy, big money and Magic Johnson to buy the Dodgers for $2 billion  -- a record for any sports franchise. Despite his dismal reputation with Dodger fans, Frank McCourt will make out like a bandit. Will the new owners have enough left to re-build the team into a World Series contender? Also, experts say there's "a large risk of tube failure" in San Onofre's nuclear power plant. We find out what that means, how SoCal Edison allegedly misled the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and how long the NRC wants both reactors to stay shut down. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the Arab League goes back to Baghdad.

Banner image: Former Los Angeles Lakers star Earvin 'Magic' Johnson is leading the group that has just purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers. Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images



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