Martin Luther King Day

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Monday is Martin Luther King Day. Yet after 20 years, the holiday that "democratizes the US" still gets mixed reactions. We'll separate the man from the myth and hear about King's "color blind society." We'll also examine his relationship with Bobby Kennedy, and the Faustian deal with that resulted in wiretaps of King. Joining us are a representative of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a Kennedy biographer, and the director of a historical research project on Dr. King.
  • Newsmaker: Power Update for Southern California Edison Users - Today's Stage 2 Alert continues until 10pm. Yesterday, power reserves plummeted, producing a Stage 3 Alert that could have caused rolling blackouts for 11 million Southern California Edison customers. Edison's Ron Nunnally says California faces a tight energy situation for the next couple years. (Add'l info: 800-611-1911)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Was Ralph Nader Stiffed by the Media? - Ralph Nader is one of America's best-known consumer advocates. Last year he was the Green Party nominee for President. He faults the national media, including TV, radio and print, for minimizing his visibility to millions of Americans and for limiting their coverage of him to that of a Gore-spoiler.

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