Mayor Hahn and Public Health in Los Angeles

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The World Health Organization is urging all nations to prepare for the possibility of chemical or biological terrorism. Experts disagree on how difficult such an attack might be, but the spectacle of the strike on the World Trade Center raises fears about the skills and resources of terrorist groups. Los Angeles County might not be prepared for such an event, in part because the public health system is so seriously understaffed and underfunded. Los Angeles lifestyle will surely have to change. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky will talk to us about that.
  • Newsmaker: Challenges to the City and to LAX Today's Wall Street Journal reports that security has been stepped up more in some airports around the country than it has in others. Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn will head a national task force on airport security for the US Conference of Mayors. Tonight, we'll talk with LA Mayor James Hahn.
  • Reporter's Notebook: : Watts Towers Reopen After a seven year, two-million dollar restoration, the Watts Towers are open again. Despite their fame as a symbol of strength in a poor neighborhood, it's not clear who's going to pay for their upkeep in the future. Bud Goldstone, an aeronautical engineer who's been a consultant on the Watts Towers since 1957, joins us.



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